the nissan commercial with tired actors

I’m at American Social and just saw a Nissan commercial where, in the beginning, the camera hovers over the exterior of a car with heavily-tinted windows as it idles in a parking lot; panning around it to emphasize its curves or whatever; and then it cuts tot eh car’s interior.

            Here, from a camera mounted on the dashboard, we pan over the smiling faces of an orthodontically ornate white family. The wife/mother is in the driver’s seat.

            The husband, with dark and meticulously crafted hair, is smiling at her in a decidedly tired way from the passenger seat.

            His smile is tired.

            Not groggy.

            It’s muscular exhaustion.

            In the face.

            Like this is the 34th take.

            Why did they use this take?

            He’s so tired.


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