somebody stole nachos and i took it personally

At the bar tonight a server comes out from the kitchen and sets a burger beside me and tells me to enjoy it and walks away.

            I didn’t order a burger.

            The dude moves so quickly I’ve gotta lurch outta my seat and flag him.

            “Not mine.”

            He takes it away.

            Reminds me; I was working at Cheesecake Factory a couple years ago, I’m talking to a manager, and a server comes up.

            “Sorry to interrupt.”

            Server explains to the manager that he’s waiting on a table, they ordered nachos, but the nachos still haven’t arrived after twenty minutes. He looked into the matter and turns out the food runner took the nachos to the wrong table. Set it down and said, “Nachos?”

            The people at that table, the people who hadn’t ordered nachos, said, “Sure!”

            They pretended to think the nachos were complimentary and ate the whole platter.

            The guests that did order the nachos were getting angry about the delay.

            Kitchen, though, is reporting that the nachos were already made and delivered.

            Server to manager, panicked: “What do I do?”

            Manager shrugs. “Apologize to the guests, comp the dish, and get em a new one.”

            Server walks away.

            I ask the manager, “What about the people who stole those nachos?”

            “What about them?”

            “What do you say to them?”

            He says, “Somebody offered them nachos and they took the dish. Did they do something wrong?”

            I said, “Yeah, cuz they accepted something they didn’t order.”

            He said, “We’re the ones selling something. Somebody paid us for a service, and we dropped it at the wrong place. In that transaction, between buyer and seller, who’s to blame?”

            He was so nonchalant about it.

            I was so indignant.

            The whole encounter’s stayed with me as one of the more vivid episodes from working there.

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