the first full patron-only episode!

There’s a 48 hour window after completing a new episode of the podcast where I’m still proud of it, still find it funny, where I can skip around and listen to certain portions while driving to work and experience something akin to what I think Ben Stiller was once describing in a Rolling Stone interview when he said there was something weirdly transcendent about going to his kid’s karate practice and watching this five-year-old kick boards in half for thirty minutes. 

Pride of authorship, maybe.

But that pride’s not to be trusted, cuz it drops long and sharp after two days, at which point it feels literally painful to hear my own voice in THAT particular episode. 

But, at this particular moment, I just posted my first Patron-only episode of Thousand Movie Project Podcast to, where only paid subscribers can hear it, and since I’m still basking in the 48-hour glow of authorial father-of-the-ninja pride, I’m also restless, cuz the impulse now is to say fuck it, post it on the public podcast RSS feed, let anyone hear it who wants to hear it because surely they’ll enjoy it, same as I’m enjoying it right now and will continue to enjoy it for 42 hours or so. 

I’ll leave it where it is. The entry price to the Patron-only episodes is five bucks a month but if you’re interested and strapped for cash just send me a message and I’ll get the file to you–which I know sounds like a subversion of Patreon’s whole purpose, is to incentivize your listeners to BUY bonus content so that you can afford to produce more of it, but I’m pretty strongly of the opinion that nobody’s really ~buying~ this content so much as finding an avenue of supporting me, because they’re kind and because they like the material, and thus, since I love to see my child throw kicks, I’ll be happy to share this episode (at least for now) with anybody who cares to hear it.

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