my new ebook is out!

It’s belated but I’m gonna use today as the launch, here, for The Moon and Her Sister Turn Thirty and Leave, my new eBook! 

It’s got two essays and two short stories and while the pagecount, when you look on Amazon, is gonna say it’s 154 pages, it’s really more like 70 pages, single-spaced.

I just threw a lotta section breaks in there to make it read faster.

And I’m pleased with it! I like some parts more than others, of course, but I worked really hard on it, starting back in December, and I take a kind of spooky solace in how it seems to me now, after a few weeks of emotionally-removed editing and formatting, like The Moon and Her Sister makes for a pretty solid encapsulation of where I was, in head and heart, during the particular moment in my life when all these pieces were taking shape (totally separate from one another!) and coming together. I’m seeing surprising thematic threads running through the pieces, and it’s satisfying. Confirms that the writing, which was occasionally gruelling and totally uncooperative, manifested those qualities because I was tapping into some deep vein.

It’s available on Amazon for a buck. You need a Kindle or a Kindle app in order to read it and, if you’ve got one, I hope you’ll be interested enough to give it a glance!

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