if you’re wondering how that eerie bar situation turned out…

Due to a family emergency, there won’t be a full episode of the podcast for another couple days (that episode will explain the emergency, loosely), but there is a new Patrons-only episode available on Patreon.com to make up for the absence.

As for this new bonus episode: I described an ongoing situation, edited the track, and posted it just before the situation kinda resolved itself. In case you were wondering, here’s what happened:

I talked for a bit about this dude named AJ (not actually his name) who visits one of the bars I frequent, he’s really off-putting, hugs strangers, tries talking to people from way up close to their face despite COVID precautions—also, in what seems like a weirdly passive aggressive gesture, he insists on shaking hands instead of bumping fists.

It’s a long story. I won’t recount the whole thing.

The gist of it, though, is that I was avoiding the bar because I didn’t wanna get pinned into another conversation with AJ. He makes me uncomfortable, seems pretty unstable, but at the same time triggers my sympathy because he seems incredibly lonely–so lonely, though, that the sadness of his situation might edge into anger sometimes. It prompts me to indulge him in conversation. And conversation with AJ, no matter where it starts, culminates in a riff about warfare, the duplicity of government, the crimes of every president.

I think it’s kind to do that, and I know he’s appreciative, but it makes me really uncomfortable and leaves me walking away with a cloud over my head.

But I spoke with a bartender yesterday and she told me that, almost as soon as I left from my last visit to the bar, AJ (after nursing his one beer for just over an hour) fell into a screaming drunken rage, insulted her, tried to snatch things, got kicked out several different times (kept sneaking back in) before eventually being removed by force.

He’s now effectively banned. 

It’s a complicated portrait. 

Loner, by Igor Laptarev

In the event that you caught the set-up to that situation in the Patron-only podcast and wanted to know how it turned out, there ya go. 

If you’re not a Patron, I hope you’ll consider becoming one! Here’s a link where you can subscribe, collect rewards, and catch bonus podcast episodes every couple weeks!

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