this week’s podcast: novelist grady hendrix on writing

This week’s episode of Thousand Movie Project Podcast arrives a day late cuz it’s extra special, and a bit of a leap from my comfort zone, featuring, in its latter three quarters, my hourlong conversation with horror novelist Grady Hendrix. His most recent novel is Final Girl Support Group, which I reviewed here (loved it), and next month he’s releasing a book of non-fiction, called These Fists Break Bricks, about kung-fu cinema. 

Prior to my conversation with Hendrix I binged a bunch of his most recent interviews, hoping to avoid the sorts of questions he’s already answered, and in the end, when he finally joined me on Zoom, it kinda worked out, because I got so panicked I just abandoned my questions and asked, instead, a bunch of agitated invasive questions about his writing habits, about publishing, about the alternate histories of where his career would have taken him if (1) he were starting out today, or (2) money weren’t an issue and his schedule was totally open and nobody expected anything. 

In my daily life I don’t often get to talk about writing, and I think this is my first time talking about it at length with someone who’s actually in the business, doing it every day, savvy not just with the art of it, but the discipline as well, plus the in-house editing process, the marketing, et cetera. 

It was a total delight. One of the most enjoyable interviews I’ve hosted. 

Plus, in the fifteen minute monologue at the front of the show, I talk about my affinity for horror movies (slashers in particular) and about the dicey politics that…well, the politics that keep me from doing monologues about slashers. 

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