this week’s podcast is about two of my favorite topics: sex and aliens

On the new episode of Thousand Movie Project Podcast we talk about some New Yorker articles from the past few months. The first one is about space debris, mostly deriving from the several thousand satellites we’ve abandoned in space (and which are now zipping around at 7,000 mph, waiting to crash into something), and there was another article, by Elizabeth Kolbert, about a suspicious sail-shaped thing flying through space at what seemed like an impossible speed. In other words, potential alien technology. She then explores some theories about what an encounter with intelligent civilizations would be like.

Suffice to say, they’re not what I’d expected.

Also there’s some sex stuff about my girlfriend and me. 

Those parts were not in the New Yorker.

OK I was just looking for artwork about aliens and I found this thing about a guy named David Huggins, an artist, who for years has been painting about his alleged experiences as an alien abductee. Something to explore for a later post.

Also: it was briefly an issue, we’ve talked it out and everything’s fine, but my girlfriend got around to hearing the episode pretty soon after it was posted and asked me to call her, sounding a bit miffed (obviously regarding the sex stuff), so I kinda panicked, called right away, and when I first got her on the phone I was outta breath, cuz I’m freaked out by confrontation, and I’m expecting her to launch right into her grievances but then, no, the first thing she asks me is how my vaccination went–because yeah, I went and got my COVID vaccine this afternoon, which I’d expected to be something of an ordeal, given my fear of needles, but it was actually quick and painless–also, since I was already at Walgreens, thinking about my health, I bought some more calcium supplements, dee to the three, cuz I’m terrified of breaking a bone.

Anyway: eventually we got around to talking about the episode, and what upset her specifically, and while she wasn’t MAD mad, she wasn’t thrilled, mainly cuz I was being inconsiderate in ways I hadn’t considered. And that’s the rub. Because in order for her to explain to me why it was inconsiderate, she had to read some of my jokes back to me in a stern tone.

And oh my god: there are few things so gutting as having someone read your stupid jokes back to you and explain how they were actually hurtful. Cuz all I can hear is the what-me-worry self-absorption of the humor. It’s like watching a comedian bomb before an audience of one. Especially when it’s someone you care about.

Anyway. It’s resolved, all’s well.

If you wanna hear what caused the drama, check stream this week’s fifteen-minute episode wherever you get your podcasts.

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