the end of a productive month

The way I group these entries, for my personal maneuvering, is to create documents called “Posts for May 2021,” depending on the month, and I’m pleased to see that, for the month in question, I’ve written almost 120 pages in double-spaced blog posts. 

Some of them were labored over, they were printed out and rewritten and tweaked and mulled-over, but for the most part they were jotted in a heat, quickly revised, then left overnight to marinate in their juices before one more quick revision and then, without too much ado, they’re up on the site. 

Month-to-month I tend to challenge myself to attract more visitors to the site than ever before. The goal can get toxic sometimes, because I stress myself out with the need to produce, produce, produce–but it’s good, too, because I know that one way to get new visitors to the site is to write about new things. 

Tasting Room, by Michael Martel

Things that’re popular or of-the-moment.

Even if they’re not really in my wheelhouse, they might attract somebody who digs the voice and decides to explore the blog, and hang around.

It’s a beneficial pursuit cuz it pushes me outta my shell and I end up reading new things and watching movies and shows that I wouldn’t otherwise try.

It’s making me a little more civic-minded.

I’m certainly reading more news than ever before…

My attitude about this whole venture is that, if you’re writing with the sole intention of attracting a readership, it’s not gonna happen; but, if you use the pursuit of a readership as motivation to broaden your own interest, take some risks, grapple with difficult questions, then the whole venture isn’t just worthwhile, but maybe kinda virtuous., cuz it’ll make you a better person, mindful of more voices, more participative in the culture. 

And I think I did a good amount of that in May.

So this is just a send-off to an uncharacteristically productive month. I think I read a couple thousand pages among a dozen or so books, mostly essays by the likes of Ezra Klein, Clive James, Ann Patchet, Tressie McMillan Cottom, Noam Chomsky, A.J. Leibling. Plus three big books by Walter Isaacson (technically still working on the third). I also read that Biden biography by Evan Osnos and Debriefing the President, by John Nixon, and Author in Chief by Craig Fehrman. Plus a couple dozen comic book issues from Avengers: Infinity Gauntlet, Avengers: Infinity War, The Immortal Hulk, and Batman: No Man’s Land. 

My hope with June is to maybe lean away from the blog a little bit and focus on the podcast, which I’ve neglected for the past couple months and offers its own kinda pleasure. 

But I seldom stick to these plans.

Thanks nonetheless for coming around this month and making it a boon!


    • Yes! I’ve taken a break that ended up being…longer than intended. But the fact that you’re bringing this to my attention now that I’m at the tail-end of a bunch of other projects is triggering me into action–especially cuz I have like the next 13 movie blog posts already written, they’ve been ready for over a year, and I just haven’t posted them for some reason.

      OK–project’s a-go!


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