Today’s Podcast: Pizza Story Part II

Today’s podcast, “Pizza Story: Part II,” is about the casual cruelty you sometimes encounter when working as a restaurant server and the sadness that motivates it.

            As we discussed in the previous episode, I’ve never been a server before, only a busser—a busser at a fancy restaurant, to boot, which means that, for the most part, guests didn’t even wanna make eye contact with me—which is fine, for the most part, and in fact (though it was sometimes just as pompous and dehumanizing as it sounds, to be serving someone who won’t acknowledge you) it often seemed to me a sign of humility; these guests weren’t totally comfortable with their wealth, with whatever socioeconomic machinery made it so that this tall bearded man, in some cases older than themselves, is namelessly, wordlessly popping up to clean their messes and serve them endless water.

            So it’s the same old story: virtue and folly, shoulder to shoulder, one so often confused for the other.

            I hope you enjoy the show! As ever, if you enjoy it, you could do me a huge favor by giving the podcast a star rating here, on iTunes (or is it Apple Podcasts?).

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