The explanation for my most recent multi-month hiatus is that I was wrapping up my novel Various Positions before sending it out to agents, which took up a lot of time and attention through the latter part of July and the first half of August, but then after finishing and submitting the novel, when I was left to just twiddle my thumbs and wait to hear back from agents, I decided to jump into another (smaller) writing project to cleanse my palate—that project maybe should have been the wholehearted continuation of Thousand Movie Project, both in blog and podcast form, but I decided, instead, to write a collection of short stories and personal essays

And that’s what I did!

In order to offset my dreaded conviction that Various Positions, like all my previous novels, would be uniformly rejected by agents, I told myself I would self-publish this collection on Amazon.

            And I did that too!

            It took me the entirety of September and October but I wrote this collection, My Three Repugnant Children (of Whom I’ve Recently Grown Fond), added some cartoons throughout, and I’ve uploaded it to Amazon where, over the past three weeks, it’s gotten close to a hundred purchases!

            Small beans, I know, and I’ll confess that the bulk of those purchases were in fact not purchases but “purchases,” because I ran this promotion that Amazon allows, albeit only for a few days out of every pay cycle, where you can make your book free to the public. So I made no money on the bulk of those sales but, frankly, the book is otherwise priced at $1. Not really looking to make money off it.

            What I guess I’m doing is trying to see if I’m any good—which even five hundred blog posts and five novels later is indeed still a source of crushing uncertainty—I had a dream the other night that Sylvester Stallone texted me a video message telling me that my writing is awful—a concept I’m sure to be rich with symbolism but I don’t even wanna try to parse it.

            My idea is that if the eBook is only 99 pages (and most of those pages don’t comprise a full page of text) and it’s full of comics, if it looks like a very easy and inviting read, then people will be more likely to take a chance on it. Even more so if it only costs a dollar.

One of the ten or so comics in the eBook, flanking the stories and essays.

If more people are gonna take that chance, I figure more people are gonna review it. I realize that might not be the greatest reasoning but insert shrugging emoji here.

            I’m happier with the final product than I was with the two eBooks I published prior to this, both of which I’ve taken down from the Kindle store, and I hope you’ll give it a shot if you’re at all interested. It’s linked HERE, as it is above, and elsewhere on the site.

            And now, for however long it’ll take me to get distracted by some other project, I’m here on the blog for some fulltime jotting. I’ve prepared about a dozen posts to release over the next few days and, now that I’m watching movies again on the regular, I’ll be here to chat.

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