took a break

I don’t think I’ve told You yet but after working at The Big Easy for three and a half months as a busboy I got a call from my manager on April 23rd, the day before my birthday, to tell me that the restaurant wasn’t going to re-open after the quarantine—which wasn’t a huge surprise, frankly, because the place never made that much money except on holidays and, during my last few days on the job before Miami Dade County ordered restaurants to close, the whole place was earning like $400 between noon and 8 p.m. It wasn’t looking good even before we had to close up shop.

            In the month since I got that news (the six weeks since I’ve posted anything here to the blog) I’ve been doubling down on the podcast, trying to post at least one episode a week and occasionally managing two, because while I’m all set with money for the time being, as a result of the stimulus check and a major cutback on expenses, I’m getting a little nervous when I look ahead to when the pandemic ends and I have to get a second job. That second job will probably be at a restaurant. And that’s fine. But I’d rather not have to do that. And the best shot I have for generating income from some sort of creative endeavor is probably the podcast. Which is also fine.

            What the pandemic has given me, apart from lots of time to decompress and reflect, is a sample of what it would be like to live as a professional writer: I set my own schedule, I get my pages done, I record things, I edit the recordings, I engage with readers and listeners.

            It’s bliss.

            But the podcast takes up a lot of time. I’d say six to ten hours per episode. (Shit, now that I put it down in writing, I realize I should be putting out four a week if I wanna treat it like a job.)

            Also, I’m editing the novel.

            So I only watched six movies off the List in May, and I think twenty in April compared to thirty in just the second half of March.

            Twice over the past week I’ve gotten notifications from the WordPress app telling me that traffic on the sight has been going up. I’m not sure why. When I look at the posts that are getting lots of attention, they tend to be the dating and sex stuff—which, if people are gonna be reading from a stranger’s blog, it makes sense that they’d be reading about those things. People are generally more interested in oral sex than Stagecoach.

            So anyway. That’s what I’ve been up to.


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