i ate five cuban sandwiches last week

I like Cuban sandwiches just fine but I don’t like them enough to justify how many I’ve eaten in the past couple weeks.

I don’t prepare food at home because I’m bad at it, and also I don’t know what to cook, and also I really don’t wanna take much time away from Thousand Movie Project in order to learn. So I go to the coffee shop to do some writing in the mornings and if it’s one of the four days where I work at the restaurant, starting at 5 p.m., I’ll walk back to my apartment at about 1 p.m. and maybe I’ve had breakfast that day, maybe I haven’t, but, either way, I’m hungry, and there are two places right near my apartment, Arahi’s Bakery and The Corner of Pan con Bistec, where I can get a heavy $5 Cuban sandwich that tastes fine and fills me up and then, quite often, I skip dinner as well.

            I don’t wanna say that I can no longer taste the sandwich but it’s reached a point now that I’ll reach the end of a sandwich without even realizing I’ve been eating it. It’d be healthier if I did this with the chicken sandwich, which is also very good, but the chicken sandwich is two dollars more than the Cuban, which might not break the bank, but if I’m eating five of these a week it’ll start to add up—and yes, I know, the resolution to this conundrum is to not eat five Cuban sandwiches a week.

            But look, these things happen.

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