Resolutions for 2020

For new year resolutions I tend to just set numerical goals pertaining to things I already do, since (1) I realize it’s unlikely I’ll pick up a new habit and (2) I already, blessedly, do pretty much all I wanna do. Also, I kinda think that I’m on the right track toward achieving what I want, professionally; just need to stay the course, double down.

            So! For 2020, here’s the goalset:

  1. Watch 300 Movies off the List: It’s been my goal for a while now that I’ll be done with the Project in 2021 and, if that’s gonna happen, I need to pick up the pace. So: not quite a movie a day. sounds reasonable. I can take 65 days off, if I please; or more! Just double- and triple-up from time to time. This is the crucial #1 goal for the year.
  2. 400 Blog Posts (200 Movie Responses): This is probably the closest to being unreasonable. Ahdunno. But whenever I do those occasional bursts with the blog, posting three or four times a day, things seem to flow pretty easily, and I find myself becoming more observant and curious in my daily life. I’ve also, however, found that some of the people in my life are increasingly on guard about appearing here. and there’ve been times, frankly, where I’ve felt downright smarmy to be disclosing certain things. I’m still on the fence about what exactly I’m doing here. like when am I talking to myself and when am I talking to You? Also, there’ve been a couple instances of hyperactive blog activity where I started to hate the sound of my voice. Started to hate the subject of me. We’ll see how this plays out: whatever the case, I’m way behind on the movie essays. I need to straighten that out, urgently.
  3. Post 40 Podcast Episodes: One of the flustered motifs in the podcast lately is how consistently mystified I am when talking, in the show’s epilogue, about how long it took me to put the episode together: writing the script, editing the script, recording it, editing the recording—which is the only reason I’m not tasking myself with an imitation of The New Yorker’s 48-per-year schedule. Also, I’ve found that I really enjoy podcasting, and it’s an easy point of entry for people who are interested in the Project. Plus, it opens the door to certain opportunities. Which brings me to my next goal…
  4. Get a Second Podcast Sponsor: This is the one that seems most tenuous because it isn’t entirely in my control. I first have to cultivate a more sizable audience, which means putting out a consistently decent product, and then I’ve gotta find a suitable sponsor who fits the material and who’d be interested in throwing some money at it. But I felt really great last week when I got a check from the restaurant on Wednesday, an invoice from Adam & Eve on Thursday, and then another check from the college on Friday. That feeling of being diversified. Of being recognized and compensated. Felt good. I’d like to do more of that.
  5. Read 40 Books: The Project has made it harder to find time for books, but I can create it. I need to. I think I read something like a dozen books in 2019, which doesn’t feel acceptable if I’m seriously trying to be a writer. 40 might be aspirational, but it’s not impossible. I’m going for it. I also hope to make better use of my Goodreads account, so that anybody who wants to keep tabs on my reading can do so—although, to be honest, one of the reasons I’ve been dodgy about Goodreads is because I’m afraid of people tracking just how poorly read I am. Or the homogeneity of my reading (especially when it comes to fiction).

The idea of dating and relationships is weighing on me ina  heavier way than usual these past few weeks (which might just be something to do with the holidays) but it seems kinda crude to make any sort of resolution in that respect. Imagine I set a goal to get in a relationship in 2020, then I end up in a relationship in 2020, and then, come New Year’s Eve 2021, I take her hand and smile at her and say, “Box checked.”

            If it happens, it happens. I’ll be talking about that as it unfolds.

            But yeah. So this is my list of goals. Feel free to hound me about em.

            Cheers to a productive 2020.

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  • Read some books, upload some podcasts, watch some movies, blog some new experiences, and find a reliable sponsor! 2020 goals I can get behind!


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