a coda for the drunk lusty texter

Last night, walking out of Redbar, I ran into two bartenders from a nearby gastropub where I used to drink all the time (a $4 pint of Veza Sur during happy hour).

I stopped going there a few months ago after hooking up with a regular who, after an evening together, went on to make me really uncomfortable with incessant salacious texting, drunk dialing, etc. I talked about it in this post about “the drunk lusty texter.”

            Anyway: they were asking me why I haven’t been around in a while and I was tipsy so I told them the story, which I’d thought was something I should keep to myself so’s not to give this woman a bad rap, but they both thought it was kind of innocuous and funny, nodded about it, and they said that this is totally in keeping with their impression of the drunk lusty texter. But they said that they enjoyed talking to me whenever I came around, flattered me.

            Maybe it was an extension of their business savvy, they know that they should be nice and flattering to a regular whether they see him in the bar or someplace beyond it, but they boosted my self-esteem when it was in a bit of a rut.

            I told them I’d be sure to pop in sometime soon, we said our goodbyes, and I walked home.

            I don’t remember much after that.  

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