dorian as a kind of vacation

So Hurricane Dorian totally missed is and all we got was one day off, but here’s one of the many preliminary panic-mode things I wrote about it.

Morbid to think this way but, since I’ve got the potentially-misguided idea that I’m not in actual physical harm with the forthcoming hurricane and that what I really oughta dread is the subsequent few weeks of disruption, discomfort, there’s a part of me that’s kinda tickled to think that, for several days (weeks?) I literally won’t be able to watch movies, to monitor social media, and that I’ll be forced, instead, to just read. To read and read. And what’d be neat is if at the end of so many days of concentrated reading and journaling I show back up to the Project, to the Internet, with a shit load of new stuff to talk about.

            Even better than that though would be if there was no storm at all and life proceeded as normal.

            Alas. Silver linings.

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