dinner party argument about social media

Last night at a dinner party two people my age started debating social media censorship and whether Twitter is freer than Facebook.

Twitter doesn’t censor women’s nipples, was part of the argument. You can find porn on Twitter and all stripes of opinions. Beheadings, car wrecks, genocide. The rawest footage of the craziest things.

            The other person argued that people have been banned from Twitter for telling others to kill themselves, for bullying. Argued that certain governments have paid for the suppression of certain types of tweets and the championing of others.

            I lose sight sometimes of the fact that people use these platforms as news sources. I’m so mired in brand management stuff, advertising, engagement, reach, scale, content—all these buzzwords used by those who employ social media for the purposes of self-aggrandizement, improvement, sales, art.


            I had three glasses of wine and said nothing.

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