update on a silence and its breaking

I haven’t posted anything to the site in almost two weeks because, ironically, I’ve been writing things that need to be posted. Mostly essays about the movies, no diary stuff. And it’s been coming along nicely! Normally there’s a bit of a struggle with the movie stuff but lately I seem to’ve hit some kinda stride.

            I’m not working at the college this month so I feel like I need to generate a shit load of content—which, clearly, I haven’t been doing (or at least not posting the stuff I’ve created), but that’s also largely because I set myself a goal this month to watch 50 movies off the List, which would put me just past the 500 mark (the Project’s halfway point; scary). So far, it’s looking doable. Unfortunately there are a ton of three-hour movies to contend with in the 1960s: Andrei Rublev and Doctor Zhivago and Saragossa Manuscript and Tokyo Olympiad and a few others; but I’ve watched just over a dozen movies this month, averaging just over a movie a day, and I think it’s possible to hit 50 by August 28th (apart from being the day I return the work, the 28th is also, coincidentally, the third anniversary of actually starting the Project; I celebrate the Project’s anniversary in November, because that’s when I launched the site and posted the first essays, but it was the last Saturday in August, 2016, that I sat down with a refrigerated bag of Fresh Market buffalo wings and watched A Trip to the Moon and The Great Train Robbery back to back; then—kinda moviedrunk—I watched Hitchcock/Truffaut, which is a great documentary, and then the next day I did Birth of a Nation in what I would normally call “one sitting” except I was standing; watched it in my bedroom and stood through the whole thing; then I went to the living room and wrote a very cautious piece about it on construction paper…I’ve got such a vivid recollection of those early weeks with the Project).  

            Anyway. I’m here, I’ll be doing a lot more for the sit in these next couple weeks and I hope you won’t mind the bombardment.


    • The big round numbers are so gratifying! Congrats on nearing the quarter mark! I’m rooting hard for you to reach your 1200. I’m interested to see what you’ll feel about the omissions/replacements.


      • Oh, the list is actually more like 1,209 right now.

        And I actually confess that one personal milestone is going to be the day I get to post the film for an early 2018 release that I saw, was blown away by, and immediately went home and started writing the post for it even before it was on the list because THAT is how convinced I was that it soon would be. (it did make it in.) I’ll probably have to wait a few years, but I DON’T CARE that movie is beautiful.


      • Wait, was that CALL ME BY YOUR NAME? Do I remember correctly that you wrote something about how it rang your bell? (or was that 2017…?)


      • Gah, sorry to burst that bubble! But I remember Jonathan Franzen talking about the difference between suspense and mystery. He said mystery engages people until it’s resolved. Suspense is born when they know what’s coming, they just dont know what the fallout is gonna be. So I’d say you can build solid suspense by broadcasting which movie you’re talking about and just assuring your readers, simultaneously, that itll be the most meaningful thing you’ll be addressing in the entire project.


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