made an awkward situation worse cuzza my glasses

I lost my eyeglasses at Las Rosas way back in December or thereabouts and it’s been a combination of money trouble and laziness that’s kept me from replacing them. I just go around squinting.

            Also, I recorded a podcast a couple months ago about this server at a bar I often go to, just offa Brickell, with whom I traded a few bits of banter now and then but we were mostly just on a smile-and-wave basis of contact until, stupidly, I saw her on Ok Cupid, and saw that we were like an 85% match, and then sent her a friendly, brief, innocuous message and things…kinda fell apart—which I know sounds bad but, trust me, listen to the podcast and you’ll see that it’s…a complicated story.

Tio Paquete, Francisco de Goya

            Anyway. I still go to that bar as regularly as ever and she and I still trade quick friendly hellos, same as ever, and but today, exhausted from the workload, I was hunched over my notebook at the bar, head throbbing and hear thumping from too much coffee, I’m ready to throw in the towel, when suddenly I turn my head, on a whim, to my left, and see a familiar face coming toward me but it’s…blurry.

            And so I went into a heinous drowsy squint directly at her face that I know, in all my exhaustion, probably looked a lot like hatred.

            Of course, it was the server from OK Cupid.

            She picks up her pace and then stops and chats with the hostess and laughs and then leaves.

            I need to replace my fucking glasses.

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