looked for cooper on his blog but he wasn’t there

I know the novelist Dennis Cooper has a blog that he updates, I think, six days a week, it’s apparently pretty popular, and yesterday, at the bar in the movie theater (Landmark/Merrick), I opened it up for the first time because, in trying to make a daily blog of Thousand Movie Project, I wanted to see how a real-life writer pulls it off.

And I think it’s not quite what I was thinking? Maybe you’ve been there. I went through the most recent posts and couldn’t find a single one where he’s showcasing writing. It was all, like, sequences of photos of lightning rods. Gifs. At one point, with a server standing over my shoulder waiting to get something from the service bar, I scrolled past a photo of a shirtless dude holding his cock.

Dennis Cooper’s blog will not be the model for this one.

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